The following is a number of English-language publications by Vewin.

​Drinking water fact sheet 2016

September 2016

This leaflet gives an overview of core data on the drinking water sector and drinking water companies. Additionally, time series give insight into trends in the sector. The data are from the Vewin benchmark database, Vewin’s annual ‘Overview of water charges’ and the study ‘Household drinking water consumption’ which is conducted every three years for Vewin by TNS NIPO. The maps on hardness of drinking water and WFD areas were compiled by KWR Watercycle Research Institute. 

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​Dutch Drinking Water Statistics 2015

November 2015

This publication contains the basic information about the Dutch drinking water industry and its development over time. Through this publication Vewin contributes to providing transparent information on the Dutch drinking water industry. The data are also used for providing information to third parties such as ministries, the European Union, companies, institutions and consumers.

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​Reflections on Performance 2012

August 2013

Drinking water in the Netherlands is of excellent quality and easily satisfies all legal requirements. This was shown by the Reflections on Performance benchmark 2012. This sixth benchmark by the drinking water sector gives insight into the most important achievements and core data of both the sector as a whole and the individual companies within it. The companies are compared with regard to four aspects: Water quality, Service, Environment, and Finance & Efficiency.

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​Dutch Drinking Water Statistics

January 2012

Through the publication of Dutch Drinking Water Statistics 2012 Vewin seeks to contribute to providing transparent information on the Dutch water sector. The statistics serve to support policymaking and the provision of information to third parties such as ministries, the European Union, companies and consumers.  In addition to information on the drinking water companies (Chapter 1) this publication provides a statistical description of the water cycle (Chapter 2). Additionally,
statistical information is provided on the condition and quality of sources, soil and nature (Chapter 3) and the Dutch water sector is placed in an international perspective (Chapter 4).

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